East Wood – one of a kind wood printing products, inspired from the birch forests of Finland.

The birch forests have always been an indispensable part in Finnish life. The endless green and tranquility bring peace and purity of mind. Birch has been used for heating houses and saunas for centuries. Now it has turned into a source of numerous wood innovative products such as furniture, tableware and fashion. We love forests of birch tree and aspire to create a completely new product from birch – a product that will capture the essence and uniqueness of Finnish birch forests.

Being inspired by a beautiful birch bark envelope created in the 1890s, we started the ideas of wood printings which is unlike any mass-produced printing products today.

The wood material is made from 100% Finnish birch which is carefully harvested by hand. Only 2% of the best quality logs are chosen for production process to create the finest and thinnest wood material. Various wood grain patterns make every product unique.

This wood material is also one of the most ecological materials for printing, since no chemicals is used and mechanical process saves water, energy and more than 50% wood compared to normal paper pulp manufacturing. The supply chain has been PEFC- and FSC- certified and patent on this sustainable process is pending. It also took over one year to make the ink-colour perfect and long-lasting on the wood materials.

With innovative wood processing and advanced printing technology, we are the only one producing distinctive ecological wood printing products. Our product ranges includes paintings, bar mats, labels, packaging, mouse pads and more. We are constantly inventing new diverse and unique products to satisfy our customers.