1.How thick is the wood print?

The thinnest wood material that we can produce is 0.3 mm. In fact, the thickness of wood print will depend on the purpose of usage. For example, we recommend the thinnest 0.3 mm for paintings and veneers, 0,3 – 0,45 mm for business card, 2 mm for bar mats and mouse pads.

2. I am wholesaler. I want to buy products in a large quantity, but I am still afraid that the woodprints are quite new to my customers and I am not sure if they will love woodprints or not.

Don’t worry about that. For the first orders, we can offer you with a small quantity.

3. Is the picture printed on wood will be exactly the same as the original picture?

It will be not exactly the same as the original picture because wood has its own color. We spend a lot of time to find out how making colors look great on a wood. Just send us picture, we will print samples for you.

4. What kind of picture that can print beautifully on wood?

We recommend that the picture with bold and vivid color will reflect on wood better than the picture with light color.

5. How many size options that I can choose for wood painting?

In addition to common size options like A3, A4, A5, we can offer you other sizes according to your needs. The biggest size is 125 * 125 cm.

6. What is the best way to preserve the quality of woodprint product?

Our wood prints are very high in quality. It is waterproof, flexible and long-lasting. The only caution is that keep the woodprint product out of direct sunlight. Sunlight may fade the color of wood as a natural phenomenon. However, the color of printing ink will not change!

7. Do you have other products from woodprint in addition to current products on the gallery?

Because the wood material is very high in quality and long-lasting, so the potential of its usage in home interior design, packaging and decoration are very high. We are working hard to diversify our products to serve your demands better and better. Shoot us a message if you have any ideas for our wood print.

8. I’m interested in your products, could you send me the sample?

Sure. We have to say that the real products look much more beautiful than photos of them. Contact us and we will send our samples to you at the maximum of 10 days.

9. I could not find the pictures that I like among your paintings.

Don’t worry, just tell us the name of arts or what kind of arts that you like, we will be responsible of buying rights to print your favourite arts.
If you want to print photos or pictures that you have, just send them to us. We will print sample for you to check first.